Displaced and spaced out

Mind wondering everywhere

Possible truths solid doubts

Every turn a nightmare

What do I say am I just another guy

That wants it all his way

Another guy that you wish will just die

Tell me am I fading memories at the end of the day

Forget your past tragedies

Skip the formalities

I’m to the point where I wanna get mine

Please me fulfill my fantasies

Caress me dress me in your beautiful body

Can you blame me for my one selfish act See

I am noticing

A sorta pattern

In the the end I get burn

Tell me is this what I’ve earned

I’m stubborn though

So I 

I don’t learn

But one day I won’t be able to sate the urge

Won’t be able to calm the yearns

One day its gonna have to be my turn

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  • momofplenty on May 1, 2012

    great ppost, makes me think of th esong “jessie’s girl”

  • DailyTruths on May 1, 2012

    Thank you never heard of it but i will look it up thank you

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