My granddaughter Zariah asked me to write a crazy, funny story for her and her siblings and this is the story I wrote in poetic form. I am currently awaiting the art work pending publishing in book form. Sharing this with Triond Readers. Enjoy.

Nana’s Wacky Farm
By Jen Donier  @ May 14, 2003
For ZARIAH my granddaughter

Dad said tonight will be an eclipse of the moon;

Mom said we are going on a trip real soon.

 We watched that night as the moonlight went out,

Mom told us while watching, what our trip was about.

Tamzi and I danced arm in arm for.

we were going to Nana’s farm.

Drifting to sleep in my bed, the moonlight,

shone in my window, overhead

At breakfast next morning dad said;

better hustle, so we ate breakfast in a bustle

We rode for miles into the country,

Tamzi and I were full of glee.

 There ahead sat Nana’s house and barn

It was always fun at Nana’s farm.

I began to notice things very strange

Nana’s farm WAS NOT the SAME!

I heard the cat bark, Bow, wow, wow,

And the dog was purring and saying Meow.

 Nana’s in the kitchen a pitchfork in her hand,

A whiskery beard covered her chin!!

Go out to the barn, she said with a grin;

Help with the milking and bring the eggs in.

 Papa was in the barn wearing and apron,

and holding a frying pan.

He said come on Zariah and give me a hand.

 We have to milk the chickens and;

gather eggs from the cows.

Toss the kittens some hay from the mow,

And then go hitch the pig up to the plow.

 Outside a fat toad was scratchin’ a flea;

The peacock and goose were sipping cups of tea.

A big white gander ran around the race course.

Tamzi began milking, Charlie the horse!

Six pigs in the meadow were eating clover;

Turkeys were playing fetch with Rover.

Bossy the cow began to cackle and laid an egg,

Big Buck the ram was asleep in Nana’s bed!

Chase had a saddle on one of the sheep;

Hershey the goat was driving Nana’s jeep.

The postman came riding up on  a snail;

Squeaking like a mouse, he said; “here’s your mail”.

Birds were popping out of the ground,

Worms were flying around and around.

Uncle Dan was in the yard shearing the horse;

A big green turtle rode a motorcycle around the

race course.

The bull was jumping rope with Alysha my cousin;

And honeybees were putting a cake in the oven.

I saw five ducks driving papa’s truck;

All the kittens began to cackle and cluck.

The flowers in the garden waved and sang;

Two frogs wearing pajamas looked very Strange!

I looked at Tamzi and she looked at me,

I was her and she was me.

What a fright, I woke with a SCREAM!

To find I was only having a terrible dream.

Liked it
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