It is about how childhood disappears, and adulthood suddenly appears.

I remember the comfort of eating large chocolate bars and square,pink bubble gum, wrapped in corny jokes,three little girls “bounced” on the couch; while savoring sucking our thumbs.Sitting up very close, watching Lassie on our black and white consel RCA T.V. was a constant in our livingroom. Chenile bedspreads and home-made, patchwork quilts,were wrapped tightly around me; just as a baby feels safe and secure in her mother’s womb! MyOWN , first bicycle(the aqua Huffy), took me all over the city;and beyond. I discovered crayfish and tadpoles at “Running Park” pond. Old, metal ice skates, let me pretend I had “elegance and grace. Ten cents could buy my pink, cream soda, as soon as the skates I FINALLY managed to unlace. Spending time with my younger sisters and playing Barbies gave me hours of joy, As we grew; we’d spend late nights teach talking about our “dreamy” boy! Rocking chairs and Top 40 pop tunes filled my teen years, A&W root beer in frosted, mugs and lonely, dateless week-ends, brought with it it’s inevitable tears! The boy I brought home, charmed them all, The letters he sent were coming twice a week, so there was NO need to call. A child bride kissed childhood good-bye, I thought I’d give womanhood a try! I miss the little girl I was!Cinderella Can Dream  March 28, 2010 Nastalgia Girl

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  • Katie Marie on Mar 29, 2010

    Memories very close to my own; the chenille, quilts, skates, Barbie dolls and bubblegum, all shared with the two younger sisters.

  • Karen Gross on Apr 5, 2010

    Makes me wonder why I was in such a hurry to grow up. Being a grown up is an awful lot of responsibility.

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