This poem is written by me for everyone who loves nature and its surroundings.

This poem also speaks about how people forget their sorrows, tensions and miseries and get lost deep into the nature and feel relaxed and tension free.

I hope everyone enjoys reading it.

Trees and plants and plants and trees in every corner and everywhere,

Making the entire surrounding look like a huge green sphere!

Tall trees and plants standing high and welcoming everyone who came,

I dont know if it was good or bad but everything felt the same!

Walking miles and miles deeper into the nature seemed like a dream,

Filled with greenery, it looked like a perfect happy cheerful theme!

Away from the world and away from each and every soul,

I felt being happy was my only ultimate goal!

Birds chirping and singing as I walked along the way,

Lovely sunshine with cool breeze made it such a wonderful day!

I felt very relaxed and all the troubles and worries seemed so far,

Far away from the world which had only pains, sorrows and war!

I sat down on a rock after strolling around for sometime,

It felt like a pefect time to write a poem and think of words that rhyme!

I did not want to go back and just wanted to stay here forever,

Because this was heaven and everything inside it was a golden treasure!

How lucky and blessed we all are to have such a wonderful nature,

Where everything is so unique! Every human being and every creature!

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