Poem I wrote after a break up.

Your voice it still intoxicates me, though I know we will never again be.But your always with me in my dreams with your some what haunting melodies. Together or apart you are always in my heart. Your so deep down in my soul that I never wanted to let you go. I was enticed by your ways and so sure that you were going to stay. But now your gone and I cant help but cry, I miss you I can not tell a lie. My heart is in pieces and your the one to blame, yet it still skips a beat every time I hear your name. Every time we kissed it was as if I was in heaven, but now that its over I return to being the girl with the smile less face, back down on earth among the human race. I need you but you don’t need me, and Its so clear to see. I love you, though we will never again be

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