This is a poem about love.

Even as the morning fades upon my life

and the night approaches in all stealth,

even as my heart is full of strife,

I see an inerrant goodness approaching,

like a fascinating tide, but instead of

coming in and out, he stays,

him the groom and me the bride,

not separate, but side by side,

’till death do us part, and even longer,

for the sea stretches out across the world,

as love stretches out his hands

for an embrace that’s everlasting,

no matter what the weather is casting,

because love isn’t a feeling, but actions

woven together in a beautiful song,

and it doesn’t disappear because of wrong.

No, it stays because love’s mercy and grace

is forever long, as the walk is

to the alter to say “I do”,

but it’s certainly worth it; it’s worth all the wounds,

and when the words “I do” rise forth, they aren’t just words, but an everlasting covenant

that surpasses the finite mind of a human,

just like the depths of the sea.

And so forever connected we will be…

Even past eternity, which is indescribable,

just like the night flooding the day, but so is love.

So I will chase the tide wherever it may go,

no matter the darkness or strife above and below.

For in my heart I wish to be swept away,

by a love that will never sway or stray,

and today is that day and tonight that night

to be consumed by Love’s perfect tide.

I see, here comes the darkness but also the waters

to wash and protect me from overcast skies.

So submerged under waters I will oblige.

No matter how afraid of drowning; I’ll stay,

because Love never fades.

It never fades.

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