The joy and wonder of new found love.

I never knew what a kiss was

before I kissed you,

I never knew what a touch could do

until you touched my heart,

I know about theatre, music and language,

but a love like yours

before right now,

I never, never knew;

I never knew what making love meant

before you made love with me,

I never knew how afterglow worked

until after the loving, I faded into you,

I know how to deliver a Shakespearean line

even to write verse in iambic pentameter

even more easily, simple couplets;

But before there was your love,

there was only great emptiness,

now the loves, the likes of which

my lonely heart

just never ever knew,

      Spirit springs forth

              to know that

                   now, I know love,

                   because, now I know,

                             love is you!

Liked it
  • susieb on May 14, 2012


  • Joie Schmidt on May 14, 2012

    Very sweet.



    -Joie Schmidt.

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