Thinking about the father I hardly know.

AFter an event so cathartic,

I’m feeling lethargic,

I’m an emotional trainwreck,

have been since you left,

but I don’t need you to come back,

a hard truth, a plain and simple fact,

so sad, so true,

Dad, I’m glad I never knew you,

wonder if you wish you could see me today,

and re-live those moments since you went away,

I hold my head up high,

saw straight through your lies,

you never wanted to stay,

all you know is how to run away,

over the years I missed you a lot,

so afraid that you forgot,

my fear of heights, my love of life,

but you couldn’t forget,

because you never knew,

did you?

And does anyone know how you treat your kids,

does anyone know the horrible things you did?

I do, Daddy.

I always knew.

And I don’t love you.

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