When I started taking pills to make myself feel better, I wrote this.

I’ve hit a new low
One that I’m afraid to show
Rock bottom where I am
It all feels a sham

Nothing and no one changing it
Still holding in every little bit
I hate myself, every part of me
Thinking things will change, well we’ll see

How can people believe what I say
When I cry as I lay
The lies I tell so opaque
I wonder when I will show as fake

Who can believe
When it is so simple to deceive
Love no longer lingers and lurks
Happiness an occasional perk

Overwhelmed by things bad
Part of what makes me sad
I hate and I hurt
Each time with suicide I do flirt

Pain and sorrow hard to bear
I hurt myself to make it seem fair
My low that I hit an unfortunate one
It’s far too late though, it’s already begun

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