Has long been predicted, iPad would enable a significant change in the industry.

News Corporation took several months, the secret development of a new product, that is, an electronic newspaper for the iPad “The Daily”, the newspaper does not offer paper-based version of the site does not provide read only to read on the iPad 

News Corporation sent generous as the “The Daily” the hiring of 150 employees, a number that the newspaper put up the first year of $ 30,000,000. Including the “New Yorker” magazine’s music critic Sasha Fred Jones (Sasha Frere-Jones), “New York Post,” Executive Editor (Jesse Angelo), “New York Post” gossip former editor Richard Johnson (Jesse Angelo) and Viacom Digital department before the director Greg Clayman (Greg Clayman) will participate in “The Daily” the contents of the construction. “The Daily” Perhaps the week will be 99 cents, or $ 4.25 on sale price in January.

It is the industry’s first issue is not a pure other media ipad magazine. In the face of shrinking circulation of print media situation, Murdoch apparently is to “The Daily” will be able to explore the first newspaper content services integrated into the way the charges iPad, the iPad is just a tool to help newspaper companies charge . However, how not to put it into “The Wall Street Journal” or “New York Times”, it must be that 150 employees have to redefine the problem. As a leading newspaper Times, “The Daily” must have sociability, immediate and local, to be able to distinguish between ordinary news type APP, it must have the twitter of the social integration of technology and Flipboard. Of course, we also told you before iPad can never replace the newspaper because the paper . We felt that the news giant to change the time?

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