Basically fighting the war racism, and stereotypes, but to find out it was all for nothing!

Can’t you read the sign, NO COLOREDS ALLOWED,

Why waste time walking on these divided grounds, Fighting this 12 round bout with God as my guard, and knowledge as my shadow, but in this 12 round fight I’m just striving for the title, while I’m holding on to God’s word the bible,

Why lie though telling me I have a fair chance, I’m a black man, don’t you understand the content of this rain, its hell and the world is a jail, divided by cells with different color people,

This life a movie, but my ethnicity is the sequel, we’re not equal!

The colors in a crayon box are all different, but the only two colors that matter are expensive, 
Black or White which side are you on, why can’t we mix them both and make them strong, but wait, then you can all them house niggers, taking our brothers life by thirty pulls of the trigger, take that you nigger, you say repeating your self taking my breath and feeding your ego,
Your a giant and I’m just an ant so living in this world everyone thinks you can, but you can’t, take that back you have no chance, people saying you equal but history clearly states we’re not human,

I guess you think while we’re in a womb we make a decision to be black or to have a option to grow up and be attacked by the target on our backs, placed there by a sniper who stands in the clouds tearing apart any chance of love I had for her,

She’s white but I’m black so there’s no chance of tying a knot, Shit its a pair of giant scissors cutting us from even having a conversation, No Interracial Dating, that’s what her parents told her, so how do you expect to learn from us,

So I guess you’ll just keep, stereotyping us, putting us on a shelf by ourselves in a black library, but lets flip the script, lets put a No Whites Allowed sign up, how would that make you feel, would you be committed to kill but you already have, you killed my drive, so now I have to walk, Now lets fight!


I hit EM with a right and then two lefts as I dodge his first swing then bob and weave he threw a hook, that’s a book named Jim Crow Law in 2012 the math adds up and everything would be solved, 

He tried a jab but my guard was up it was racism, a cross between hating and waiting for latent learning to be over,

Damn he threw a low blow, that one took away the equal opportunity at life, I was crippled from the start,
I countered his low blow with an uppercut named wisdom walking away from his bull shit sayings, and what he keeps telling me to get me rattled, but its the end of the fight, I won by decision,

I’m smarter than you, you fought with words, but I countered with verbs, my actions spoke louder than you words, the title is mine, but the sign still says,


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