Dedicated to someone who made me fall and then vanished into thin air when we finally got together. When he came back after two years, sadly, I was already with someone else.

Nobody knows what I’m feeling inside,
That there’s something I’ve been trying to hide.
Nobody knows I’m pretending that I’m okay,
Fond of faking things around me day by day.
Nobody knows I’ve stayed up late at night,
Wondering why some things don’t seem right.
Nobody knows I’m always thinking of you,
Hoping that someday, my dreams would all come true.
Nobody knows in my world there are only you and me,
That even if I’m hurt, I’m still too blind to see.
Nobody knows I’ve dried my tear ducts just for you,
Have been crying a river lately because of you.
Even you don’t know anything about it,
Even you are clueless to recognize it.
You don’t know I’m willing to take the risk,
Coz you didn’t even bother to know I exist.
Nobody knows I’ve already gone gaga over you,
Have been a stupid fool waiting for you.
Nobody knows I’ll give everything just for you,
Coz nobody knows how much I really love you!

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