Nonsense is to leave the stagnant life, stop doing nothing
We fail to see the wonderful things that pass in front
See the sunshine and not realize they are there for you
You look at the sky and do not dazzle the moon and the stars
What are there for you!

Nonsense is no longer wake up with a new purpose in life
Is not it an ideal and strive to achieve it
You stare at the past, and enduring the pain that it thinks
It does not look back and thank the air you breathe

Nonsense is touching the pillow
And see what the day was the same yesterday, empty and routine
Nonsense is to do everything, but that it does not add anything

It does not understand that nothing happens by chance
Nonsense is not what I live is what I shim
Nonsense is what I stand is what I try to cope
When I wake up, when I go to bed
For life be more beautiful until death comes
And that’s not the end …
Do not be silly for you, for me!

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