People confuse about Christianity for the last 2000 years about Salvation, which Christians already achieved by faith in Jesus Christ only not through good works.

Christianity isn’t a “religion.”
A relationship with the only God!
Wisdom of the Son of God!!
Not an artifice war, cruelty, crimes,
Harsh rules and “miracles”;
As hypocrites, leaders, governments
And nations do such evils in Jesus name.

Christianity isn’t a “puppet.”
A salvation from the only God!
A life of the Eternity in Heaven!!
Not an artifice terror, torture, rape,
Harsh words and “violence”;
As terrorists, social workers, rebels
And revolutionaries do such things.

Christianity isn’t a “false teaching.”
Perfection from the only God!
A sermon of the Apostles in the High!!
Not an artifice wording, writing, quote,
Defamatory words and “derogatory”;
As teachers, researchers, scholars
And present generations do practice.

Christianity isn’t a “destructive heresies.”
Sovereignty from the only God!
A claim of the believers in the Church!!
Not shameful ways, disrepute, twist,
Selfishness and “false ways”;
As preachers, catechists, priests
And pastors of different denominations do.
Christianity isn’t a “man-made rules.”
The Word of the only God!
A pure source of the Unique!!
Not divisions, impure, earthly,
Accidental and “idolatry”;
As pagans, encounters, government ministers
And travelers of different countries worship.

Christianity isn’t an “image worshiper.”
The God is at work!
A heart opening to His Word!!
Not readings, misunderstanding, sacrifice,
Sufferings and “enmity”;
As sharers, unbelievers, sinners
And foretellers of different cultures carry out.

Christianity isn’t a “justification.”
We’re already saved in Salvation!
A life of salvation achieved on earth!!
Not nature, iniquity, guilt offering,
Killings and “animal sacrificing”;
As Pharisees, Jews, Muslims
And faithful of different religions take away.

Christianity isn’t “Satanism.”
We’re going to the Heaven after death!
A new life everyday of Born again!!
Not material, religious, untouchable,
Dominion and “human condemnation”;
As Sunday Christians, unholy ghosts, repents
And hero worshippers of communities act.

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