Love Poem.

Challenge: to write a one line love poem (Photo credit: Михал Орела)

Never step I guess,,,
My journey so far,,,
Although heavily inflamed,,,
Over the heart is still running close to,,,

Although you do not know
This is the reality
Whole it was futile
And it is not possible
I hope all my heart
One time it came to me saying my day

None remain out,,,
Only when it set,,,
Who Was conquerors,,,
He or I,,,
And so when there is,,,
My last breath shall expire,,,

Without my knowing it
Although I was unable to
In my heart is also not capable of
That’s just a lie
What if you were not my only silent

No time just standing
There was no time to be alone
What is the meaning of life once
My path is not passed
Sorry I’m Not Able,,,
FOr say I love you,,,

Love poem (Photo credit: runran)

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