Convo between two.

My flow comes natural and never stops. My mind is always writing even in my sleep, man it just may kill you if my words get to deep. you want to battle me please. I’m not the greatest but I’m the latest. I may not use big words all the time, but i just don’t say shit. I get right to the point, yeah sometimes I make it real short and sweet. You don’t have to believe me, just read it and you will see. You can be mad at me but just don’t hate me, just battle me.
i don’t wanna battle youjust share with youenlighten you as you enlighten me toolet our words meld togetherdwell togetherbring the truth and collab togetheri’ll challenge you and you can challenge meno winner or loser just spittin freelythrough words we can laugh together,sex together, cry and protest togetherthose that get mad at youare just insecure and have no cluejust share with the deserving lovebecause your words, some are not deserving ofthrough words our minds will surely growfuck those that can’t handle, just let your words flow

I will continue to let my words flow from my pen unto my paper, I will just deal with them haters later.I will never waste my time going toe to toe, I will just let my words flow to flow. Yeah you know. How I do, its so true. Writing the truth is what I do. All haters walk away saying SORRY I BOTHERED YOU.

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