Obama been doing some LYING!

Hope and change, it sounded good

Instead the shaft, not a promise stood

He said some fibs, made up some lies

His word is crap, attracting flies

Obama, you lied to us!

He told us that there’d be a day

We’d see no more Guantanamo Bay

Born in Hawaii?  Maybe not

Obama’s word, it ain’t worth snot!

Obama, you lied to us!

He said relations with blacks and whites

Would finally come to feel right

Instead he chose a great divide

By inserting foot, now open wide (Beer Summit)

Obama, you lied to us!

Obama’s wife with giant rump

Legs the size of a large tree stump

Her mouth consumes all in sight

While commanding us to eat what’s right.

Obama’s wife, you lied to us!

No more wars, he told us that

Then came Libya, the dirty rat

And Israel, he could care less

Russian relations, what a mess!

Obama, you lied to us!

So with him we’re stuck another year

For the unemployed, he sheds not a tear

But weep not for there’s still a chance

We’ll kick him out with just his pants.

Obama, you lied to us!

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