The world is merciless..
But a time will come when the world will change and listen..

Oh the pain of the broken heart,

Oh the voice of the wounded soul,

I hear you, yes I do

I am always here to listen,

I am always here to beckon,

I am always here to pull you up,

So oh my beloved, 

Don’t let the world crush you,

Don’t let the world take you,

Be who you are,

Do what you love,

And let not the world destroy your being,

For they are the angry killers,

For they are the merciless beasts,

Be good and see what Allah brings you,

Be right  and love,

Be strong and stand your ground,

And the world will know what a strong rock you are,

And will finally give up on making you bow

And I promise my broken heart, my wounded soul

A time will come and you’ll be free

Free to love, 

Free to sing,

Free to speak 

And free to will! 

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