A condition that is defined over time.

seldom (Photo credit: the euskadi 11)

Seldom spoil with time

It never really grows old

Especially for those in the know

Old love is by name alone

A condition of the soul

This is where old love begins

It is not for a day or 80 years

Old love is a feeling we both live

Author: Bagande (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two souls not one is an old love’s home

Built as a merger of care over time

A life of unity no one can deny

Old love is immortal as it relates to time

Copyright: Glamour Romance Love (Photo credit: eddiedangerous)

There will be changes as we grow in love

A feeling like spring will blossom

As we walk hand in hand and arm in arm

Old love like wine has been something we define

Love Truly Romance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And when the curtain of life has closed our eyes

Others will remember our legacy we leave behind

Old love will be written for all to see

In the book of love for the future to find

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