Magpies are birds conneccted to varied supperstitions this aspect is elucidated here.

Magpies dappled in black and white

In the shades of the raven and the swan

Like contradicting sides of its nature

The bird thart brings tidings of bliss

Or perches on a roof top

To symbolize the dark omen of death

Seeing a lone magpie heralds ill luck

This bird alone did not board Noah’s ark

A kleptomaniac lured by shiny trinklets

Hoarding them as a squirrel’s nuts

A transformation of the Peirides

That disputed  musical prize of the Muses

Birds garbed as a bishop,sacred to Bacchus

Bird of love that builds bridges to unite lovers

It never twittered and sang to Christ’s solace

At his hour of crucifixion

It wore white when Christ was mourned

And was cursed by God

The garrulous, mischeivious bird seen alone

Saluted to ward off the tides of evil

Drop of devil’s blood under its tongue

It is the messenger of evil

Feeding in the eggs of the birds

Yet to kill it is bad omen

Bringing sorrow alone, it brings joy as a pair

Three denote a female and four a male

A pentad symbolizes silver and six is for gold

A heptad is suggestive of mystery

Calling out in high octane it welcomes impending guests

Or warns against footsteps of approaching death…


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