It’s too cold to be at the pool and I am far beyond wet dreams or maybe it is simply the fact that no girl has ever found me sexually appealing; no reason to get wet. On The Sails of Love… maybe if things were different, to make love and to be loved.

One finger then another
It tickles
I quake and shudder
Am I so fickle?
Thought I’d be tougher
But I like when you giggle
Under the covers

Thinking about the first…
Time I saw you today
Such a thirst
And you took my breath away
No line, didn’t coerce
Finally it’s someday
As you put down your purse

Of joy and happiness
Just being here
Feeling this
So very near
With just a kiss
Do not fear

Will I change?
Between your thighs
Are we ever the same?
Inside or outside
Maybe just to lay
In love this way

Waters rise
Perhaps a flood
If only tonight
Could be enough
Another sunrise
The two of us
Surprise, surprise
This could be love

Copyright © 2011, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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