One great man comes forth, strong and tall, he knew in that moment, he had a call…

Like a roaring lion, he won the race
Once in office, he soared with grace.

He made a lot of progress for all to see
For all Americans, he took the lead.
He did it better, left a legacy
Another word to describe what he left, REAGANCY.

Americans has seen so many things
When he was in office, freedom rings
The Berlin walls came tumbling down
After that great speech, pound for pound.

He made many movies, most were great hits
For the love of politics, he was a great pick
No one did it better in their presidency
In a country that we call, land of the free.

He will surely be missed in this great land
Because all in all, he was one powerful man
Although he is gone, we love him dear
When he was in office, we had little to fear.

He lead with might, as strong as can be
No one can compare, he’s done a great deed
He had a gift of being a great man
As Americans, hand and hand, together we stand.

Mr. former President, we will miss you, you’re one kind man
Because the time you were in office, you had a plan
No matter what you’ve done in the past
We Americans know this, your legacy will last.

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