At times poetry and philosophy mix to create wisdom a message and a thought.
The world is made up of people of diverse beliefs and experiences.
I wrote this philosophical poem while I was in collage and I met a young girl that couldn’t see the chicken for the wrapping,

I hunt, fish and gather from the forest the food for my table. Unlike city people who only see the meat on the store shelf, I see the life sacrificed to nourish my family. It never ceases to amaze me, the number of people whom I meet each day that never considers the lives of the creatures that feed their family.

I butcher the meat and I raise and gather the vegetables my on my table. I see the lamb born, grow and graze upon the meadow. My children learn to respect the creatures that feed them. They learn to care for all that they are in charge of.

When I was a boy, the whole family would go to the stream each spring. We would fish for smelt in the early evening. Later that night, we would clean and freeze the smelt. In the summer I would catch tadpoles, frogs and turtles. Sometimes I went fishing in that stream. Other times I just sat on the bank of that stream and watched the creatures that lived there.

To day that stream is no more than a drainage ditch. There are no more turtles, fish or frogs. All the wild plants, and flowers are gone. All the life stripped from the stream by developers, landowners and the like. Dead and barren like a wasteland in a drought, nothing lives there but the most rugged of small creatures. Lost to time and greed.

If people do not take the time to save the creatures in the world there will never be any for our children to enjoy. The farms and fields that surrounded the town I lived in are all gone now replaced by factories and office buildings. The pheasant, the groundhogs and the rabbits have left for wild spaces unknown. The creatures of the night have fled in the dark and all is quiet now. Little survives the onslaught of man and little will be left if we continue to be the destroyer.





Josehf Lloyd Murrhison

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