This poem is about what every lover felt when he/she had to part with his/her love!!!


                          PAIRED  AFFLICTION




 A handful of sand rested on my palm,

It was shiny, impressive and calm!

I admired it with appreciation and praise,

And nothing could distract my gaze!



Its presence made me feel what I had never felt,

Under its influence, my firm heart began to melt!

Emotions and feelings flushed over me,

And filled my life with happiness and glee!



Immediately, I curled my fingers to close my hand,

Since I realised that I was in love with the sand!

In my life, it occupied such an important part,

And became a constant thought crossing my mind and heart!



The sand was hard and cold,

Which was loosening my hold!

The coldness was burning my hand,

And the sand crystals pierced my hand!



I hurt my fingers and palm,

The wounds on my hand were fresh and warm!

But I still continued holding on to it,

As I din’t want to let it go even a bit!



But holding on kept me in pain,

So letting the sand go would be sane!

But if I lose it, the pain would be more,

Since I loved the sand from my heart’s core!



The sand began to slip through the slit,

And I was losing my grip on it!

So I tightened my fist,

And with pain, my eyes filled with mist!



The harder I tried to hold it,

The more it began slipping through the slit!



   I kept struggling with which pain’s choice should I make,

One that I was suffering now or

on  losing the sand, the pain with which I will break!



I tried to suffer, yet hold on,

Though most of the sand was now gone!

Later I realized I was holding something,

Who itself wanted to slip out from under my wing!



Now my decision was made,

And to my love “Goodbye” I bade!

I opened my fist and dropped it all to land,

That time, the pain was too immense to understand!



The wounds on my hand still lay there,

But worst is the pain that my heart has to bear!

Though I miss every single part,

I have realized, happiness shall lie in being apart!


                                                     :- RUCHA KORE



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