A continuation from Peace of Mind poem.

Peace of Mind can only be

Anything you want it

Peace of Mind is the opportunity

And you damn right must jump on it

Peace of Mind is that diziness

That light headed feeling

Peace of Mind is taking it down

From the hiding place in your ceiling

Tears rolling down cheeks

And mascara dripping

100% sick, 80 proof?

161 words from 151 sipping

Peace of Mind is taking the time

Making emotions even

Peace of Mind could be your mind

getting in touch with inner demons

Angels and Devils have Peace of Mind

To look like it’s nothing

Peace of Mind could come

beating the Devil when he’s bluffing

Peace of Mind will always be

A blessing or a curse

Peace of Mind could be the bagpipes,

Ralph Lauren Suits, and a hearse

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Forever I owe my life

For even those who live for Peace of Mind

May die by a piece or knife

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