In the night

The Silent Drum From Far Away
Book two of Dreaming With The Wolves.

peaceful moments

in the night

that are so quiet

in the sweetness

of the moonlight

those peaceful


that time stops

the world is standing still

and a gentle breeze

goes by

followed by a

wild hawks cry

that is piercing in the night

& stirs the emotions

deep inside

& it is a warrior’s cry

the battle in the heart

begins to rise

as defiance starts to

run through the veins

of the peaceful soul

& a silent drum from far away

starts to beat on this here night

Liked it
  • Melinda J on Oct 15, 2010

    Beautiful words. Thanks.

  • Francois Hagnere on Oct 15, 2010

    You always have so beautiful poems. Thank you my friend.

  • Joie Schmidt on Oct 15, 2010

    So lovely!



    -Joie Schmidt.

  • PenNameNone on Oct 15, 2010


  • Brewed Coffee on Oct 15, 2010

    Beautifully expressed. :-)

  • giftarist on Oct 15, 2010

    That’s lovely.

  • awesome11 on Oct 15, 2010

    Good ost

  • Rehoboth on Oct 16, 2010

    $- very nice-$

  • deep blue on Oct 16, 2010

    The drum beating reminds me of the song “Fernando” lol. Such meaningful lines.

  • Raj the Tora on Oct 26, 2010

    very peaceful indeed. thanks

  • sandcastle on Oct 29, 2010

    I love the struggle in this poem!

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