It seems to this poet there are special people out there who were put here on earth for the sole purpose of serving others.

Hoping and dreaming is fine for some,

But for those out there like us who have…

Believed in the magic of our dreams

        Only to have them shattered,

Hoped, only to have someone or something

Come along and take it out of our hands, hearts and lives.

For people like us who have been hurt

        Time and again for trusting and believing,

        For hoping and dreaming;

For what…

A better life, love, laughter and happiness.

There are people out there like us

        Who are prone to a broken heart.

People like us who insist we can be happy.

People like us who

        Get hurt only to jump up and try it again and again.

Until we just feel like giving up.


People like us try until

        Our hearts nearly turn to stone, with no success.

We were put on this planet to serve others,

        To please others and make life easier for others.

Even if that means suffering a broken heart

        Or hurt feelings.

People like us care enough to go on knowing

        We’re going to be hurt yet another time.

People like us get our only real pleasure

        From pleasing others.

Maybe that’s what makes people like us so special.

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