Perfect match: oysters and chablis.

Yes, oysters identified for white wine – subtle, elegant, fresh and mineral. Those words – about wine from the chardonnay grape, which grows in the north of Burgundy, a Chablis.

Perfect match: oysters and shabliShardone – the most common white grape variety on the planet. Vyzrevaya in different climatic conditions, it gives a different style of wine. But the most clean and stylish obtained only in Chablis. The terrain gave the name of guilt.

Chablis – a dry white wine from 100 percent chardonnay. None of the other variety is not grown in this zone, which in itself is a rarity. In dofilloksernye time, the region has prospered, the wine is regularly exported to Paris and abroad in other European countries and Russia. But phylloxera mercilessly destroyed most of the vineyards, as did the rest First World War and frozen in 1945. Most of the unique vineyards destroyed, only some of them were recovered in the second half of XX century.

Perfect match: oysters and shabliHarakternaya feature
In the region situated between Champagne and Cote d’Or, special soil, formed back in time when this place was the sea. Here there are chalk, limestone and clay-slate rocks, which give the wines finesse, crisp minerality and unique elegance.

Poignant freshness of Chablis too easy to explain. The cold climate of northern Burgundy, is not quite favorable for viticulture. Spring frosts often ruined crops even during the flowering and the cold autumn rains did not allow him to collect fully ripe. Growers and winemakers in the region will need more than a century to learn how to do here is their fault. But the modern samples are characterized by high acidity and crisp minerality and subtle apple and lemon and honey notes, peculiar sort.

Perfect match: oysters and shabliPo laws Classification
Slightly more than 100 hectares from 4000 – it’s vineyards classified as Grand Cru: Bourgros, Le Preuses, Vaudesir, Grenouilles, Valmur, Les Clos, and Blanchot. Most popular – Les Clos. All wines in this category, intense, powerful, with a rich bouquet of a fine and have great aging potential. 10-15 years, they reach their peak of ripeness and fullness revealed fine aroma and subtle velvety taste. Assamblirovat wines from different vineyards, is prohibited. Wine Chablis Mautonne was excluded from the classification during the French Revolution, and now it has the status of Grand Cru vineyards and is made with Le Preuses and Vaudesir.

Zone Premier Cru much more. Among the most famous sites – Fourchaume, Montee de Tonerre and Monts de Milieu on the right bank of the river Serein; Beauroy, Vaude Vey, Cote de Lechet, Vaillons, Montmains – on the left. AOC Chablis – a communal appellation, is the largest. Here you can find very different in quality and style of wine. Drink most of them young, to an average of 3-5 years of aging.

Commune of Petit Chablis vineyards are located on the outskirts of the zone. Most of them produce light, simple Chablis, which reach their peak of maturity in two to three years. Young wines are very acidic, tart, tough and sometimes “prickly,” but time and exposure to smooth out the taste: there is a velvety, soft, oily. The aroma becomes more dense, stronger floral notes and tones roasted toasts.

Perfect match: oysters and shabliS oak or without
The advantage of Chablis – the purity, freshness, delicacy and minerality. Fermentation and aging in barrels made it more rounded, less sharp, buttery and velvety, soothing aroma and flavor by adding vanilla. But, as some winemakers, it deprives the Chablis of his personality. Nevertheless, the region can find different styles of wines. Some wineries, such as fermented in oak only part of the wine and then produce the assemblage. And yet classic Chablis, not in contact with the oak, in a region dominated.

Gastronomical question
Chablis and oysters – the perfect combination and a fairly well-known, but it applies more to the younger wines. With seasoned and noble Chablis excellent party composition of the other seafood – lobsters, crabs, octopuses, fish in cream sauce, atakzhe pate de foie gras, braised rabbit and a bird.

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