A world without lies and Media built Reality.

My feet move repetitive threw areas that have seen pain,
I’m just another personal author that’s cocky and vain,
I have grips on my brain, metal levels surpass science,
God does not exist, that’s a lie.. Religion creates valence,
Genocide and Money, A portal to another world is necessary,
If I mentally build it, that’s legendary and Kevin earns monetary,
But what I project is a materialistic escape into wordy vices,
A world conjured in an aphetic likeness, not greedy and lifeless,
Like our life is, We all enslave a mind state built by corporations,
They want you to believe life is about  anorexia and face lifts,
If you Eat cheese burgers your makeshift, watch a Movie or TV,
Tell me how many people you see that portray you and me,
Its just a photoshoped reality, where the media displays perfect,
Perfection is Spray on tan, but I would like to debate the verdict,
Create a land as I previously stated, where conversation is entertainment,
Because I feel like media propaganda, is a form of enslavement,

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