Commentary about sexual harassment…

You know, I could easily and definitely tell you that you

look very and absolutely nice today. But, that may be

considered sexual harassment if it is unwelcome to you.

Then again, if I tap you on the shoulder, that could be

classified as sexual harassment. And if you turn around

where I could see you, you may think that I am not

giving you eye contact because I am looking elsewhere.

That, of course, is sexual harassment. However, I am

taking a huge risk sending you this note because of two

reasons. One, of course, it can be called sexual harassment

and two, it can be used as evidence against me if you

desire to pursue legal action. Last but not least, if I

just tell you what I want to in the first place, someone may

overhear my comments. Then, they may be offended

and charge me with sexual harassment along with you or

they can be a witness for you should this matter reach a

courtroom. Consequently, you could just document this

one incident and all further incidents for a stronger case

later on. Maybe you could go and tell your superior all

about this and he/she can tell me to stay away from you.

Or maybe you could confront me yourself, if you choose to.

I guess I really am taking a big risk if I tell you that

you look really nice today!

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