-Poem filled with description and ironic statements
-poem about a squirrel.

Sun smiling down at me beside the

relaxed pool

A glass of lemonade in one hand

A dark cloud right above my head

As peaceful as a barren island

There once was a squirrel

cramped in a tree

who wanted to get out

and just say weee!

So one day

not too long ago

the squirrel decided

why not give it a whirl?

So he jumped on out

of his tree

but it was not long

before he needed to pee

So right then and there

he began to flee

After all

he really did need to pee

But before long the sun

began to sleep

And the squirrel decided

he should do the same

So back on up

to his tree he went

and he began to think

wow what a day well spent

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