A random poem that came to me in an English lesson… love to hear opinions :)

Meant to be read fast paced, almost as a rap

Tired of hearing rappers talking about weed

and watching all these kids following their lead

why are you a looser if you say no to drugs

just because you don’t want to join in with a group of thugs

why cant you go to a party without drinking

all your friends getting drunk, their just not thinking

and when you get home your the only one

who’s parents are still proud of their sun

all the others are lying their in bed

wishing they hadn’t, regretting what they said

sitting there, reminiscing

thinking of what they are missing

it must have been great, all the fun

but now all of that is done

there left with the consequences

they don’t want to live their life behind metal fences

but they know if they carry on this way

their is not much they can say

to turn their life around

just stop a minute, don’t make a sound

just think about it, when it started

when you and your real friends parted

and you followed the others, thinking it was fun and great

its a shame only now you realised, it’s too late.

Liked it
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