Poetry for school play on lust and love.

lust knocks on my door
my body it does not ignore
I look for love, but all I see is lust
I love GOD, but I heedth not his voice
sex, seduction and jezebel
all engraved in sin
I don’t want to get too thin
look at my thighs
no look at my heart
He wants to sex me
I want it
no, i need my virginity
I prayed to God
Should I conform

NO Lord I’m so in lust
who do I trust
God is good
But my skin is loose
bless me if I choose
I know it’s true
flesh wont do
appetizing for more
spirituality is love
I do not want to ignore
I do want to adore
the voice of God
Bless me father
break me a piece of your flesh
by your tripes I am healed
now satan I’ve curshed his heels
sorrow be now narrow
I’ll wait till tomorrow
maybe love will swallow
appetite of sex and abominations
not all illusions
Thank God I endured desperation
I win because I prayed
and now I’m saved

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