Poetry in action. A new type of poetry where you let your mind start at one topic and you see where you end up. Of course somethings you try and edit but the less editing then the more originality it will obtain.

Start typing…The consequential might of my mind. Its quit astonishing to reveal after all, how much my mind takes in. How much it lets go. How much it can throw side to side.

A broken memory

Even though my mind holds as much as anything that I own. Its reality is decomposed through the comparison of broken memory. How much can you really hold inside of you?

Though god like moments shatter the condescended moon. How shall I address thee? No matter the mannerism of my actions, it never seems to dictate much of anything inside the outspoken of society.

The haunting of the castle

You sat there; a moment elapsed in time, swaying your worried ego. The worst fear is that of which you cannot see. The fear that strives throughout your entire body.

I can smell you. I can feel you energy pass through the temples of my head. Why are you watching me? Why do you want me? I don’t understand this anymore. Its a glimpse inside the near future

A description of hate. Brought through you. Shut down the universe inside of broken eclipse.

I am nothing.

The strong survive or so I am told. Something that doesn’t seem to be all that prevalent in our society today.

There is so much more that I cant prove

there is so much more that you can move





broken memory

the kind of which I stay and hold up my little part of a whisper.


A beautiful word. That encompasses so much more that it dwells in our ordinary lives.

The meaning of life. HA what the hell do you think you shall accomplish??????

Forgive yourself and shut the up. Nothing shall imbed in your mind, of which nothing can enter anyway. (through its thickness.)

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