We believe in unseen thing or world because we love mistery.

We believe in God because we can’t see the God and likes mistery.

We believe in Love because we can’t touch and personalized it for self And We are selfish.

We hate and keep some distance from our enemy because they are always in our mind.

We keep our friends near to us because Benefits comes when they are near otherwise their means are faded.

We like real shinning diamond because its sparkles neither be created and nor be destroyed naturally. 

We afraid of death and lose because we don’t know after we get it back or not.

We like birth, invention, innovation and discovery because they are clean, new and creative. We get some thing new, more valuable to add value with little effort.

We like to run as far and fast because there are always someone following us and before us. We dislike to live in between and middle.

We always want to fly because earth has gravitation, business can downsizing, need change and again we are selfish.

Image by Steve-kun via Flickr

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