Having to co-exist in a world full of racism.

Every day we look face to face    In each others eyes    A different race   Enough room for you    but    NOT enough room for me    Stripping me of what’s mine    Naturally    See    Look at the way you’re looking at me    That’s what I’m saying    Exactly….

Every lie I tell for you is okay    When I speak the truth for myself    You say    No way! 

Too proud to recant what you’ve done to me    Too arrogant and wicked to set me    Really free!

Up to this day    You still have not learned    From swaying corpses    and    bodies burned   Denying rights    Inferior positions    Instigating World Rivals    Trick- ing down the system    Dividing    Devouring    our very existence    Ruling the world    without    submission….

Sitting at your Oval Tables    Scheming in your Conference Rooms    Plotting against (YOUR) own damnation    Masterminding dooms    Even your Allies began to question you….

How  sickening you’ve become    And    Yet!    Overwhelmed by your own transgressions….

Pathetic    You Are    At Best.

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