Poetry a form of expression and a possible healing for emotion.

I really love poetry.

I believe poetry is an excellent expression for the young and also the elderly.

I feel poetry is a wonderful way of release for ones who do not like to just openly express their true feelings,in some cases need to.I believe it to be therapeutic in a way and also a small healer for many


I miss you mama 

Shuddering at timeless past trembling with ground shifting Through years phase Panicking with the old Pick-nicking,,into the new With rage! Missing my apron string My nurturing warmth is now,and has only been,a part of my journey, My journey of life I was once a whole Now I stand a half I glance at the bright starry night, I protest I see my other half She was gleaming brighter than the rest I said I miss you mama My heart of hearts begins to break I feel an actual ache and pain My emotions are endless Tears aspire my face I then regain myself I begin to say,,,god I know you will introduce my other half to me once more,,if it be your will Amen I miss you mama

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