Secretaries Day is a day of remembrance and thankfulness to the executive assistant, secretary, personal assistant, or office manager in our lives.

Ode to a Secretary

To the quiet hands
To the silent eyes
Always trying to smile
Always alert, always listening

Multi-tasking in silence
To the girl who diligently read
Over notes left in a warehouse
Typing for days and nights

The Secretarial Pool

Quite treacherous indeed
The frilly skirts
The delicate hose
The heels, likely to stick
Almost anywhere in the office

The tiny cubicle
Where she sat
The sweater girl
With the trendy little suit

Gift for a Personal Assistant

The gift for someone
Who helps the whole family
What should be given to that helper?

A life-long helper
Truly someone who
Deserves the very best
Everyone gets that.

Image by (nutmeg) via Flickr


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