Got bored on Valentines Day, wrote this, decided to submit it. Got a girl who has a thing for Pokemon? You can win her heart with this!

Pokemon Poem

Your radiant features,
A work of art,
Hits like a thunder shock,
Into my heart,

You’ve captured me,
I can’t break free,
Like an ultra ball,
Used upon a Pidgey,

I’d fight for you,
This is true,
To express my love,
I’d defeat a Mew,

You’re so mysterious,
Like a rare Missing no.,
I’d never capture you,
Lest my pokemons hit level 0,

I’d travel across the land,
I’d look far and wide,
I’d release from my hand,
The power that’s inside,

We could take a stroll,
Down Viridian Forest,
I’d protect you valiantly,
If we found a Kakuna nest,

Your hair is so soft,
Like the fur on a Chansey,
Your eyes so inviting,
Like those of a Butterfree,

So please be my valentine,
And if a no it must be,
Then at least don’t send,
My heart to Bill’s PC.

Liked it
  • mandy2345 on Apr 11, 2010

    Very creative writer. Nicely done! A++!!

  • Yalonda on Apr 13, 2010

    Haha, this is cute!
    I’ve never read a poem about pokemon before.
    Well done for being an original!

  • Barny-bob on May 11, 2010

    An interesting combo of romance and geekfare, love it!

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