Love, an ages old power, never losing any of it’s strength, still able to bring down kings and kingdoms. Love, a power also that can build great empires that stand so strong!

Love can cut like a razor,
make well like a physician.
Target your heart as a laser,
easily bringing into submssion.
Anyone know the power of love?

Love can flow like a river,
follow loves path so true.
Love dam, lack with a shiver,
times love, never construe!
Power of love most mysterious!

Love burn, as heaping coals,
turn to ashes, cold and bleak.
Love, charisma a troubled soul,
happiness, a heart leak.
How the power of love works!

Love can fly, heavens high,
or bury, such a grave of fury.
Love can complete, all supply,
or empty and void, heart dreary.
One thing sure, Power in love!!

Love Love (Take That song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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