Sometimes everyone feels uncomfortable atmosphere. hesitate, anxiety, feeling helpless. but everyone must have one to share. possible lover, parents, siblings, friends, or more especially God as entertainers when we’re tired and weary.

Suppose tonight, you’re here

accompany my heart was as quiet as

I will never feel again, alienated and alone

because you’re definitely going to try to calm my restless

I want you to know the restlessness in my heart

when storms never stopped trying to disable my brave

give me your hand and hug me

because I know the power of your love makes my heart calm

you tell me all the love that you feel

believe it when I can pass this steep road

believe your presence in my heart is the strength of my life

make me believe in wishful, the dreams and hopes

with you I know would not be lost direction stride

because you light up dark in my heart now and forever

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  • vinna daniel on Aug 27, 2012

    rasa tak dapat dibohongi….

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