"Programmer" 12 Journal Recommended: CSDN years.

Speaking CSDN origin, with an old saying to describe, is the “unintentional positive outcomes.” All from a name of “programmers Camp” CD-ROM.

The late 20th century, the two founders CSDN: Jiang Tao and Zeng climb, is doing business with the English language educational software. Like most programmers do when they used to collect some of their valuable professional information programming, such as source code, over time, is full of such information to every corner of the hard drive, and how to sort became quite a headache things. When bored in a meeting, Jiang Tao came a sudden inspiration: why not sort out these data are organized, the form of CD-ROM publishing it?

The case was recalled climbing, said: “In fact, do” programmers Camp “and not much deep consideration, because we ourselves are programmers, so often when developing access to relevant technical information. But at that time very little information, including Internet, particularly the Chinese site is not too much technical information. even though there have been similar program source code CD, but do not professional. so we feel that if they do, certainly different. “

Turn of the century the rage in China, the developer of the “programmers Camp” was born. Who climb of “programmer Camp” reasons for selling, said: “CD-ROM resources, in fact, there was some foreign sites can be found, but it was all dial-up Internet access, speed is very slow. So that through carefully selected professionals CD-ROM products, we can greatly reduce Internet bandwidth consumption and energy. “

When this CD release, comes hot Internet businesses, Jiang Tao up a website to support the “programmer Camp” sales. March 1999, “CSDN” site on the line. Jiang Tao said “CSDN” The name was inspired by Microsoft MSDN: “Microsoft technology is more popular because it was basically every developer in the use of Microsoft’s MSDN, my friend Liu Ren to our named CSDN (China Software Developer Network ). “

Because construction sites are designed mainly to meet the CD sales, so when the CSDN just a simple, similar to the personal home page, save a variety of technical articles related to the development of information resources and information site, but CSDN, full name of the China Software Developer Network, in fact, has the potential to express who strive to name as a leading technology-based Chinese website of determination – in the course of the next 10 years, in the Chiang Tao, their efforts have been climbing, CSDN, to achieve real deserved.

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