"Programmer" 12 Journal Recommended: CSDN years.

2000-2003: “Programmer” magazine turned out to

CSDN community official public appearance to the developers time is December 28, 1999, which is once a month to spend his spare time climbing the development of the system ASP Q & A forum. Jiang Tao, was often go to foreign exchange of technical experts-exchange site, this is the system of the world’s first Q & A forums, because at that time the search is not practical, each technician will encounter a variety of technical difficult to solve their own problems and these problems In fact, many people know the answer. experts-exchange answer the points system to create a user model to attract a large number of technical staff in the above exchange. Jiang Tao, had encountered in the development of educational products, a key technical problem – cut speech waveform, that is, experts-exchange with a German engineer provided by the solution. Although the number of time has also been imitated delphibbs Monopoly forum and many technical staff in the exchange, including Shanda CEO Chen Danian, Shanda CEO Charles Tan in one group; but Monopoly is Delphi’s major developers.

CSDN forums cover all development areas, the introduction of the “expert points system.” But for the company at the time considered an amateur product, love technology, Jiang Tao and his business partners to work up the free time like bubbles, and other communication technology developers to exchange ideas, and fun. Q & A forum point system is welcomed by the technical staff, it helps them to solve various technical problems, increasing registered users in just six months after the registration of developers has reached 5 million. CSDN has become the largest technology community.

At this point, coincides with the start of China’s Internet boom, the Forum makes the surge in the number of users Jiang Tao, a faint smell CSDN vertical potential opportunities for the community, hold the same view was also an angel investor. June 2000, Brilliance formal distinctions of Unisun injection CSDN. With the financial support, Jiang Tao, who are determined to climb a big, open up new business. But how to make good use of CSDN the increasing brand awareness and community sentiment, to explore a viable business model, or a problem. Yushi CSDN began his active exploration, and try all sorts of business, such as the sharing of software sales, software outsourcing, online bookstore, etc., of which the most famous of a product is “programmer” magazine.

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