"Programmer" 12 Journal Recommended: CSDN years.

Jiang Tao said: “CSDN 2005 is a milestone in the history of the development. 2005 years ago, we are exploring how the community has been transformed into commercial value, and out of the two possible roads, one media advertising (including website and CSDN” Programmer “magazine), one is the dissemination of knowledge (including book publishing, e-commerce, education, training, etc.).” Jiang Tao, but also pointed out: “In 2005 we also made a huge mistake. neglected to upgrade the community’s core product, the user has been greater use of search engines, blog, become the mainstream. Although CSDN launched the blog early and try to launch its own classification of search, but there are many defects in product functionality, so keep up with the slow pace of development of new technologies. “

So after 2005, with the maturity of Internet search engines and the rise of personal blog, developers have access to knowledge of the ways to communicate a new way entirely, causing part of the past habits of users access to knowledge CSDN began streaming, CSDN once faced challenge. The face of new situation and the developer community needs a more in-depth, on the one hand, CSDN continue based on the core media value, based on the knowledge service platform to further build and profit from refining a new model: in March 2006, well-known Java expert Auspicious CSDN and set up a joint education and training podcasts Chi Chuan Co., Ltd., in October 2006 on-line trading platform CSDN technology. On the other hand, CSDN changing strategic perspective, the “community service” model, from the Internet to broaden the line – In 2007, CSDN success of the hero of China’s software technology will make CSDN established a new core for the developer community service brand: Technical conference.

2007-2010: knowledge of China’s largest IT services group of Chinese

5-7 April 2007, the first “Heroes of China’s software technology will be” held for CSDN very special significance. This is not only China was the largest gathering of technical elite, large-scale technical meeting to fill the domestic blank, and 108 participants from more then 1.5 million registered members CSDN heroes stand out in the community average, they answered in the forum thousands of questions to help people solve several technical problems. Some developers have heard of Head Cheung ID, such as Mencius, Chapter E, zjcxc, such as in southern white audience cheers reveal one by one “prototype.” In the keynote speech, guests around the platform, development framework, technology trends, business models and other hot topics of the wonderful analysis, to impress the participants. The success of the hero, the key is that such a model, to the majority of developers to build a line, more intuitive and vivid platform. Successful organization of this meeting in the IT industry and make CSDN developers boosted the reputation of the eyes again, just 4 months later, CSDN registered users exceeded 200 million.

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