"Programmer" 12 Journal Recommended: CSDN years.

November 2007, CSDN persistent efforts, the United CMP scale organized more than a thousand of the “first global SD (Software Development) 2.0 Technology Conference”, once again a great success. I remember when the General Assembly, Yu Wen lecturer reflections: “No kidding, if SD2C not invited me to speak, I will purchase to participants. Because I have been watching the industry trends, and software technology 2.0 is exactly the topic covered by the General Assembly.” two large-scale technical conference of continuous success, so that the Chinese software industry CSDN, Chinese programmers to communicate the urgent needs of the line. Since then, technical meetings, and salon services as the core of CSDN. 2010, CSDN Chinese Institute of Electronics have jointly host the “China Cloud Computing Conference”, held in joint innovation factory “China Mobile Developer Conference,” both have great repercussions in the industry, highlighting the CSDN technology in the IT industry leadership and forward-thinking.

2007-2010 four-year period, more clearly the value of his position and started the business model CSDN completed the Chinese to China’s largest IT services group leap of knowledge, in keeping with the global, technology trends and industry trends in China’s premise , in IT information dissemination, technology exchange, education and training and the direction of professional and technical personnel services, began to dig deeper in order to provide developers with a more comprehensive, three-dimensional service space.This years most striking development is: build a senior technical managers of China’s largest exchange platform – CTO Club (from 10,000 composed of IT technology leader), the introduction of IT technology in Chinese learning platform: Allen education, M & A CSDN domestic traffic only to the depth of the exchange community for programmers: JavaEye. In October 2010, CSDN conform to the broad market prospects of mobile applications for mobile developers has launched a mobile developer community in China: www.cmdn.net.

Looking back on 10 years of entrepreneurial journey, Jiang Tao, considered the most important lesson is that, first, the vertical community to explore a viable business model; Secondly, we must understand their own core values. The other founder was climbing that: “Over the past 10 years, we have been explored in a no fumbling the vertical growth of the field, done a lot of attempts, the biggest feeling is how things simple because the simpler things, development ideas more clearly. “

2011 -: the next generation of CSDN

It can be said, CSDN 10-year history, but also a vertical professional community, step by step how to find their core values, and grow, thereby affecting the whole industry process. Jiang Tao CSDN years that there are three major contributions.

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