See yo das exactly what I’m talkin bout always ruinin life for me you make runnin away constant possibility given no respect like a animal that’s cruelty at it’s finest given a brain and a heart to decide for myself but from the start and so on given no free will working for free like I’m santas elf gotta resort to stealth methods to keep who I am but he loves to do nothing other than make me do er thing his way if it’s not den eff what I say I ain’t gonna escape this till I find a nice girl and introduce her to Mary Kay but dey force upon me the fact that I ain’t a kid no more and from then on the government will start keepin score idk what lore I saw in growin up cuz I’m 17 still treated like the days when I drunk from a sippie cup I’ve had enough of dis you too young for this but old enough for that write it on a piece of paper and pull it outta a hat what I can and can’t do is as random as that I wish I culd jus close my eyes and jus let things stay black atleast for a lil while cuz at some point I gotta go back to wearing the same persona from the 90’s in the 21st century call E! Cuz that’s outta style I walk alone cuz can’t no one else walk a mile in my shoes for obvious reasons I see tha same old thing despite the changing of the seasons

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