He was replyin to one of my other battles with someone.

Brent Pullen–
well ok
your flow is kinda gay
ill kill you any day
who would want to steal your shit anyway
you eminem wanabee you wait and see
gona scream whos creepin up on me
its just me brent, mr B
you cant rap you cant even summon a verse
but youd be better bumpin in a herse
just because one white dude can spit
doesnt meen you can amount to my shit
with any lyric i hit
you know i hit it hard
i get so detailed i leave you permenently scarred
your just a retard
you think you have skill
all you do is take you ibeprofen pills
or have ever you say it
because when i spit you know that im sprayin it
so go ahead think about it and relay it. haha

g brent
your kinda bein a dick
shut up, or ill take a stick
shuve it up your ass crack
now seirously just get back… Read More
this wasnt even for you
if you look back n review
youll notice nothin desrcribes you
it was for wesley
the kid took my rap
so he could write his crap
your not the only white boy spittin
i think your ommitin
all the other white boys
go back to playin with your porn toys
i only had those for my headache
i wasnt the one to take
them so i could “go to mars”
so i could fly through the stars
your fuckin retarded
thinkin you can get high
off those pills thinki ur in the sky
they were light pain pill
so just chill
n with all respect
get your facts correct

Liked it
  • bkyle513 on Apr 18, 2010

    umm the read more wasnt suppose to be there, i copied it off my facebook page..haha

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