Loves rare
Rare as love
Love so rare
Loves rarely valued

Materials are objects
Objects based upon materials
Some objects owned
… Always own you

Love’s so rare
When loves just lonely
Loves mostly
Mostly a lie

So here’s a fact
A fact that hurts
Love as we know
Know of today

85% of loves a lie
When love’s materialized
Love is learned
Love is earned

Here’s a secret
One unknown
Loves got values
Loves got pride

Love is not
Not materialized
Love’s been lost
When fortunes are sabotaged

Loves so rare
Loves materialistic

Loves not wealth
Loves not much
Without materials
All I have is you

Objects owned
Are owning you
Love is not materialistic

Lies today are true love
When true love never dies
What’s true love?
When true love left
From a decision whom was based

Based upon objects
Based upon materials
Based upon items you once had owned

Loves so rare
Love’s rarely valued
Like the other
Other 15%

It’s just a number
One still to much
Loves materialistic
O’er loves just luck

85 percent
Percent of love
Materialistic and a lie
But if you’re lucky come that day
The other 15%
By Carl .W. Sweet

Liked it
  • momofplenty on May 4, 2012

    No words can describe this one.

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