The redemption found within the gentle eyes of the world.


With joyous mirth my eyes behold,
Within my sight a wonder untold,
A beauteous light of divine mold,
That nature could not have foretold.

An endless sea of glistening jade,
Waves hitting shore in a cascade,
Whipped by a playful wind-blade,
Playing a breath-taking serenade.

An immeasurable emerald forest,
Of lush nature fruitfully possessed,
A leafy canopy sun-blessed,
And a cool haven within its breast.

I could lose myself among the trees,
Nestle down and sleep in the leaves,
Even with my mind’s banshees,
The sin that I hold hidden within me.

But within the forest lays its keeper,
A strong and majestic black panther,
A pure form of midnight fur,
A seeker, judge, and redeemer.

In the luminescent glow of its eye,
I can see my life flash me by,
Feel the shame of all I let die,
Find pain in all I set awry.

I cannot face the judgment,
But to look away is torment,
I’d give anything for a chance to repent,
To fade away all that I lament.

As I find myself groveling in the dust,
The panther passes by with a gentle brush,
And in its eyes I find no disgust,
I know this panther, this forest I can trust.

And while I slowly tread away,
I find my heart no longer in disarray,
I look back to see a final sunlight ray,
Glance off the leaves as if a smile to convey.

And in that stunning jade sea,
In those resplendent emerald trees,
I find that from life I will not flee,
For I have found another reason to be.

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