When faith and words cross paths, enter into a world of love.

Like a wave from the ocean, it crashed on me hard,
For a moment in my life…I let down my guard,
The Holy Spirit came over me, it was so unreal,
Suddenly I could breathe…suddenly I could feel,
It’s like the weight of the world was taken off my shoulders,
Who woulda thought I was carrying so many boulders,
The love I felt was overwhelming…I could barely see,
All of this time, the veil was covering me,
Now I’ll never be the same, I swear it to be true,
I feel strength in everything I think, say, or do,
In this encounter with God, something was lost,
My worries, my fears, my depression was tossed,
I could feel the power coursing through my veins,
Because I know that my god truely reins,
He’s the God above all, both heaven and earth,
And he’s known us all, ever since our birth,
Be rid of your sin, come clean and live free,
Get rid of that veil, so you too may see,
Go fourth, and the be the person God wants you to be,
This life we live is shorter than you all know,
But the day that we die, to heaven we will go,
We are victorious in his eyes! Forever he will rein,
No more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain,

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